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Atkinson Family Quiz

GWA II mother name was?

GWA I had __ children?

GWA II had __ children?

GWA II wife name was?

Ruth A. Atkinson is GWA I's?

Robert Atkinson was called?

Ruth Atkinson husband name is?

GWA I and Goldie were?

Ruth and Godlie were?

Goldie's wife name was?

GWA II lived in?

Goldie & Katie have __ children

GWA II & Nancy had __ girls

The Atkinson Cemetery is in?

Salome Atkinson is GWA II's?

GWA II & Nancy are buried in?

Virgina is the daughter of?

Nancy and Magdalene are?

Archie Atkinson is the son of?

Goldie & Katie lived in?

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